Advertising your business online is overwhelming and time consuming to say the least! But in 2022 it’s absolutely crucial to your business success to be visible online showcasing yourself and your services as the go-to in your market. 

I’m Jen and I’m the owner of a full service marketing agency helping small business owners grow their businesses online through social media and SEO. 

I’ve put together the most important things you need to know and that you can quickly and easily implement into your business now.

I really hope it’s helpful!


Some people think they can make 6 figures by simply posting on their social media accounts but this just isn’t true. Having a simple, professionally done website (that works properly on cell phones) and showcases your services will increase your credibility and show people that you are a professional business owner (so important in building trust with your potential clients).

Tell me.. When was the last time you purchased something without checking the website first??


As a local business owner google is your most important asset (probably even more so than your social media accounts). Please treat it this way. Here is what you need in order to grow your google presence (for free!). 

Google My Business:

This is where your profile shows when someone googles your services, it’s extremely important that this is set up correctly and fully. 

Here’s how you can do it:

Something that most people don’t know or do is that you can post on Google My Business in the same way that you post on your social media accounts. The key here is to use KEYWORDS that people might use to look for your services in your captions. To do this well, put yourself into your customers shoes and use words they might type in to find you (e.g.for a permanent make-up artist: microblading [location] or best microblading in [location]). 

Post here daily.


SEO For Your Website (How to show up at the top the google search):

Keywords, keywords, keywords is the name of the Google game!

Use keywords to name your pages
Use the same keywords 3 times on each page (or blog post)
Add meta-tags to your photos with the same keyword
Add meta-tags to your photos with the same keyword
Name your photos with the keywords separated by a dash (e.g. microblading-toronto.jpg)
Write blogs posts (each blog post should be about it’s own keyword following the rules above)

Make sure the words are written on the page itself and not written on top of a photo and then added onto your page (they won’t be picked up by google)

Google is smart and will reward you for putting out good, educational content that people actually read, so make sure your pages and posts are well written AND incorporate the keywords you want to advertise.


Google reviews are one of the most important parts in increasing your google rank. Please ask clients for reviews and send them a direct link to your review page. If they don’t do it, ask again. Happy clients are happy to leave reviews even if they need to be reminded.

BONUS: re-purpose these reviews for your social media profiles.


Instagram & Facebook:

Instagram and Facebook are so important to showcase your work and build a trusting relationship with your potential clients.

The #1 factor that will determine if someone books with you is if they trust you!

Here are the best practices to building trust and increasing visibility on your social media profiles:

Your profile picture should be a professional picture of YOU (if you are a service provider or personality based business)
Your IG name (that shows under your profile picture in bold letters) should include your location and either your signature service or just your general niche. This is what gets pulled when you do a search in IG so it needs to be searchable, think google keywords.
Your bio should include your services and why you do it. For example: “I help women feel more confident and wake up looking beautiful with permanent makeup. [Now list your services]
Your page name or IG handle should be obvious and easy to remember for example Permanent Makeup By [your name] on facebook and pmuby[yourname] on Instagram
Post only professional and high quality images
Create reels to get more reach

Show your face to build a relationship with your followers

Demonstrate your expertise by educating your followers
Choose a colour palette and make your social media profiles look branded and professional using (super easy to use even if you know nothing!)

Remember, the name of the social media game is to BUILD TRUST and the best way to build trust is to help your potential clients get to know you and showcase your expertise/high quality work.


It’s no secret that generating new leads into your business is what keeps you business alive and relieves the stress of not knowing where your next client is coming from.

Once your google profile is set up correctly, your SEO is starting to work for you and your social media profiles are looking slick, you’re well on your way to building a reliable business. 

Growing organically is a process and takes time, so if you’re looking to get moving a bit quicker, facebook ads are the way to go.

Without spending much (about $10/day for certain businesses) you can start getting new leads daily pumping life into your business quickly. Here are some tips on running high converting facebook ads:

Use high quality images showcasing your best work
Write ad copy that speaks to the main pain points of your ideal client and how your services will transform their lives
Write catchy headlines to stop the scroll
Don’t discount your prices to avoid attracting nightmare clients
Respond ASAP to your leads - don’t leave them hanging!


Post in your local facebook groups where your ideal client may hangout. Normally advertising once a week in these groups is allowed but make sure you double check first.

Create listings on free listing sites like Yelp, Craigslist, Yellow Pages etc. The more exposure the better (even if you never use these sites yourself)

Network with other local, non-completing businesses in  similar niche


You’ve already spent all the time and effort to become an expert in your nichet, so why should you have to be a marketer too?

Jennifer Lynn Media is a full service marketing agency specializing in helping small businesses grow with the power of social media.

If you’re looking for someone to take this entire process off your hands (or just part of it) we’d like to offer you a free strategy session to see how we can help you grow. Book a call here:

We can help with:

- Social media management 

- Google my business management/set up

- Copywriting (websites, blog posts, SEO)

- Website design 

- Facebook ads strategy 

Just have a quick question, you can find us at:

I hope this was helpful, please let us know  

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